(Off Topic) The best friends of Endler Guppy – Belonesox belizanus

End of june I got 3 Youngsters of Belonesox belizanus. They had a size of ca. 6 cm. They shall be the biggest livebearers worldwide and eat life fishes. Adult they get 20 cm.

Pictures from the Youngsters after I got them

Not all offspring which I get I can leave in my tanks or can sale them. So I was looking for a Chance to get my strains not so big. The Chance are Belonesox belizanus. They are Little Monsters and even hungry. Adult big females kill her males, too!

So I had since march a Endler Hybrid colony outdoor with a lot of offspring. So I put this Little Monsters outdoor inside this colony. Last week I catched them out, and they are more than 10 cm. now. When I took them outdoor, the Hybrid colony have more than 200 members. Now they are 25 fishes.

Pictures from them after catching last week



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