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(presentation) Wild Endlers Poecilia Wingei Discovered in the Last 15 Years

Interessting Video presentation about Poecilia wingei phenotypes discovered since the last 15 years. But Iam not sure if they all are correct? Video designed by Glen Hawkins.   Advertisements

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(breeding book) WBA White Kolibri (Hybrid) F2 update 28.02.15

The second Generation grows well and how it Looks I got a interessting result in this spawn.

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(breeding book) Poecilia wingei “Red chest” second offspring 28.02.15

Pictures from the second offspring Generation of my “Red chest”

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(breeding book) Poecilia wingei “Rio de Oro” coll. 2005 second offspring

Here Pictures of young male from the second Generation offspring of 2005 collected phentotype by Poesser & Kempkes in Rio de Oro – Aguas des Moisez.

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(breeding book) Start Poecilia wingei “Cumaná colony Project”

Here a Picture from the starting Group of my personal Cumaná colony tank Project. Let us see what happens in the next years.

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(Video) Starting my Cumaná Endler Guppy colony tank project

Today I started my first colony tank Project. For the start Setup I take 4 phenotypes from the Cumaná Region. Off course virgin females, to see what happens in the next years. I will not select them, to see which … Continue reading

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(Video) Little Poecilia wingei “Cumana green 2013” Colony

Here a short Video about my at the Moment Little cumana green colony, but she grows well. Iam so happy to have them.

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