ECS number in Poecilia wingei (Endler) description

In almost all the tribes of Poecilia wingei you find sometimes a  ECS Number code. But what it has prudential this series of numbers and letters?
The Endler’s Livebearer Association of America (ELBAA) has developed together with Endlers R Us a method to specifically capture the origin of all Endler Worldwide. The Endler Classification System (ECS)
So you have created after some back-and-forth three classes, which is intended to provide a brief overview of einzelen tribes today. For the classes see the section “Endler classes” in this blog please!

Strains that are currently performed:

1.Black Bar / Original Type N98-0003
2.Peacock N98-0014
3.Red Chest N98-0010
4.Double Red Stripe N98-0011
5.Snake Chest N98-0005
6.Flame Tail N98-0023
7.Center Peacock N98-0017
8.Top Blue Sword N05-0020
9.Orange Spotted N05-0007
10.Green, Top Red Sword N99-0008
11.White Peacock N05-0016
12.Snake, Top Bar N05-0006
13.Top Red Sword Snake N05-0025
14.Yellow Top Sword N05-0021
15.Tiger K02-0001 (Hybrid)

With the constant growth of new color forms, it is however very difficult to keep this up to date.


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