Poecilia wingei “Rio de Oro (Aguas de Moisez) 2006”

My first were Poecilia Endler wingei Rio de Oro (Laguna Aguas de Moisez). They come from the Estado de Sucre in the Campoma region in Venezuela. Collected they were in 2006 by Paul Eckstein from Austria.

He gave his stock to Dr. Gentsch further which is known in the guppy scene. I got two pairs from a good friend and member of DKG she had received years ago from Dr. Gentsch. But only with the promise that this strain get into their origin state. So they are not selected or crossed. Thus, the fishes are still available since 2006, and I am very proud to have fishes from this strain and to be able to get. The trunk is registrated under DGLZ number “VE116”.


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Aquaristik, Besonders Killifische aus Südamerika
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