Poecilia wingei “Cumana region – Lime green”

The origin phenotype was collected in 2006 by Amando Poe in the Cumana region. About Adrian Hernandez, who selected them, came this Endler 2007/2008 to Europeinto the Netherlands. Marc Gölden then took them to Germany. I got two pairs over Steffen Rothe, who got them from Marc to conservate them. Lime Green Endlers have a bright metallic green stripe and usually has a red sword on the bottom and often a short red sword on the top.

Lime Green Endlers usually have small black spots sometimes these black spots look similar to the Black Bar Endler. There may be several other colors present on these beautiful Endlers however the colors are usually lighter, almost pastel in color.

One of the unique features of the Lime Green Endler is the white or light blue color on the dorsal fin.


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Aquaristik, Besonders Killifische aus Südamerika
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