Hello together,                                                                                                                            welcome to this new blog about Endler Guppy from the Cumana and Compama Region in Venezuela. In the future, this is where a blog with the topic Endler guppy (Poecilia wingei) with main focus on phenotypes from the region of Cumana and Campoma in Venezuela and possible hybrids.
To make this project informative, I would love it if you would participate as visitors actively. I am going to try my own animals present, as well as my progress in obtaining these beautiful animals that are currently not listed as Poecilia wingei.

Greetings Axel!


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1 Response to Welcome

  1. oldman50 says:

    Thanks to all Visitors and followers,
    for visiting my Endler Blog until yet. Over 27.000 visited Postings and over
    300 followers. I never thought about this!

    Best regards
    Axel Eywill


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